EdBank: Gen Z’s Gateway to DeFi

An EdBank helps student grow academically and financially.

Students not only grow in knowledge for school, but in DeFi knowledge. Students grow financially through:

Gateway to DeFi

🌪️ EdFi == Gen Z Fintech, DeFi Funnel

Learn-to-earn EdFi is a springboard into other financial, DeFi services for our users. EdFi will be teen’s first exposure to NFTs, tokens, DeFi, crypto, and blockchain. Our strategy is to acquire banking users as young students (low CAC) to keep as fintech customers for high LTV (Figure 20).

The strategy of building a suite of DeFi or fintech products to target the same TA is a well tested playbook. SoFi, Block (formerly Square), WeChat are fintech examples. Binance, FTX, and Coinbase are CeFi examples. Axie, Compound, Sushi, YFI, dYdX are examples that have successfully employed this playbook in the DeFi space (Table 21b).

Figure 20 — L2E, EdFi as a Funnel for DeFi, Fintech

Fintech Services

Fintech services typically have very long retention, but are commodity features and have few ways of differentiation. Therefore, fintech is a user-acquisition, user-retention, marketing game.

Future Aha Fintech Services

  1. Student Loans
  2. Student Fiat Credit Cards
  3. 529 Plan

Table 21a — Fintech Ecosystems

DeFi Services

DeFi projects are by definition open sourced, which means they can be easily forked and copied. Unless the DeFi project has genuine innovation for the blockchain community and crypto holders, DeFi projects is a user-acquisition, user-retention, marketing game.

Table 21a — DeFi, CeFi Ecosystems

Future Aha DeFi Services

  1. Web3 Wallet
  2. Dex/AMM (Decentralized token swap/exchange)
  3. Layer 1 smart contract protocol
  4. Yield farming
  5. NFT marketplace
  6. Income Sharing Agreement (ISA)

EdFi Services

Web3 Wallet for Gen Z

Dex for Gen Z

NFT Marketplace for Gen Z

Quests: DeFi Gen Z User Acquisition

Student Loans Smart Contracts

ISA Smart Contracts

CeDeFi Credit Cards, BNPL

Learn-to-Earn EdBank for Gen Z



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