Expectations for Culture

1. Be Honest

2. Act with integrity

3. Be radically transparent

4. Listen actively

5. Speak up — have the backbone to disagree and commit

6. Ask thoughtful questions

7. Seek and give feedback

8. Always be prepared

9. Exercise common sense

10. Be extremely open-minded to new ideas, opinions, and approaches

11. Think 3 steps ahead

12. Simplify & prioritize

13. Be proactive

14. Take ownership

15. Be decisive

16. Execute to deliver results

17. Learn and improve constantly

18. Fail, learn, and move forward

19. Have a clear purpose

20. Learn from disagreements

21. Take calculated risks — do not let fear stop you

22. Start. Don’t stop.

23. Set specific expectations and goals

24. Bring solutions to the table, not problems

25. Understand that people and culture is all the matters

26. Measure your performance periodically and objectively

27. Lead by example

28. Make good first impressions

29. Adhere to the company mission and preserve our company culture

30. We are lean, frugal, and cost-conscious

31. The more you practice, the luckier you get

32. Have fun




Aha Learn-to-Earn is the Gen Z Gateway into DeFi

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Aha Learn-to-Earn

Aha Learn-to-Earn

Aha Learn-to-Earn is the Gen Z Gateway into DeFi

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