Senior Product Manager

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Job Description

  1. Act as the voice of the customer in the definition of innovative digital solutions
  2. Provide insights into product, technology and market trends
  3. Develop feature lists, user stories, and roadmaps
  4. Gather and manage product feedback through surveys, concept testing, analytics tools, and A/B testing
  5. Monitor and report on product KPIs
  6. Collaborate with others to scope, design, concept test and deliver innovative solutions
  7. Work with the UI/UX Senior Designer to gain an understanding of user personas, pain points, and journeys
  8. Assist with the development of business cases and operating plans
  9. Help the Head of Product define product vision and roadmap with clarity on feasibility, time, cost, and impact
  10. Work closely with a cross functional team to define requirements and design features with the goal of securing product market fit and growth
  11. Act as the voice of the customer, with a deep understanding of user personas, pain points and customer journeys
  12. Design and implement analytical tools and user testing frameworks
  13. Effectively prioritize and define product features so that Engineering, and others, can collaboratively design and execute
  14. Continuously rebalance product / service features which maximize value and minimize effort to focus on the highest returning initiatives
  15. Proactively mitigate business operational risks
  16. Communicate and present product roadmaps
  17. Attract and retain world-class product and design teams
  18. Cultivate a high-performing, one-team culture
  19. Work collaboratively with others to ensure MVP OKRs/KPIs/deliverables are met
  20. Hold teams accountable to make and meet commitments


  1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited educational institution in a technical discipline (computer science, electrical engineering)
  2. 5+ years of product management experience
  3. Strong understanding of mobile and web technologies and industries
  4. A demonstrated and focused desire to build products and services that customers will love
  5. Working knowledge of agile development methodologies and tools (JIRA, Confluence, etc.)
  6. Experience launching at least one digital product
  7. An ability to think strategically and creatively
  8. Superior interpersonal and communication skills
  9. The ability to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information and thrive in a fast-paced, intellectually demanding and service-oriented environment
  10. The capacity for self-motivation, independent initiative and creative problem-solving
  11. A diligent attention to detail and strong technical intuition
  12. The ability to manage time and schedules to meet aggressive deadlines and influence through persuasive written and verbal communication

Salary Range:

This job offers you:

  • Flexible time, full-remote work
  • Full-time or fixed term (contract-based) employment
  • Performance-based rewards and bonus




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Aha Learn-to-Earn

Aha Learn-to-Earn

Aha Learn-to-Earn is the Gen Z Gateway into DeFi

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